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Mrs. McKeown's Poetry
30 Days of Poetry - Day 5


Why Bother With Poetry
A Concrete or Shape poem
Free Verse or Unrhymed Poem
A Student's Poem
Stump the Teacher
My Poem
Poetry References
Poet Study - Poems
Poet Study - Biography
Poet Study-Jack Prelutsky
International Poet
Native American Poet
Naoshi Koriyama (extra)
Asian American Poet
Hispanic/Latino Poet
Gary Soto extra
African American Poet
Picture Book
Social Studies
Poem /Sung
Two Groups
Lee Bennett Hopkins
Douglas Florian
Judith Viorst
Jack Prelutsky 2
Jack Prelutsky
Shel Silverstein
Folk Poem
Song Lyrics
Classic Poetry
Mother Goose
Picture Book Poem
Arthur Guiterman

Three Word Forms:
Each line ot this form is made up of three words.  The last two words become the first two words in the next line. In the poem, there will be a progress of images and a story that will be told.
Student Examples:
sleep, alarm, awake
alarm, awake, shower
awake, shower, clothes
shower, clothes, shoes
clothes, dog, run
dog, run, breakfast
run, breakfast, sunrise
breakfast, sunrise, car
sunrise, car, work.
--Alex Buffington (Grade 10)
ball, snap, run
snap, run, tackle
run, tackle, sack
tackle, sack, pass
sack, pass, catch
pass, catch, 1st down
catch, 1st down, touchdown.
---Josh Jones (Grade 10)