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Mrs. McKeown's Poetry


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Arthur Guiterman


Make sure you have a clear sack with candy, a bucket full of sand and a piece of paper with this poem written on it. Put away each item as you read the poem and the kids chime in on the 2nd line of the refrain. (Make sure to model it before they try it.) Make sure you hold the poem up when they read the last line of the poem.


Went to the corner
Walked in the store
Bought me some candy
Ain't got it no more
Ain't got it no more

Went to the beach
Played on the shore
Built me a sandhouse
Ain't got it no more
Ain't got it no more

Went to the kitchen
Lay down on the floor
Made me a poem
Still got it
Still got it

--Eloise Greenfield--


from Honey, I Love and other love poems by Eloise Greenfield, published by HarperCollins, 1978.

Have the students write a poem with a refrain. Have them write a poem that has candy, something to do with the beach or writing a poem as the topic.