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I'm Stuck Inside a Seashell

Bring a number of poetry books and anthologies into the classroom. Read this poem and then show the form it is written in. Encourage the students to look through the books for as many shape poems that they can find.


Just in Case you can't read the poem in the photo:

I'm stuck inside a seashell,
And I don't at all perceive
How I got in such a pickle
But cannot wait to leave.

I am winding winding winding
Through this narrow spiral shape,
And I'm sorry that I entered,
For it seems there'e no escape.

I'm in need of extrication,
There's no room to turn around,
And I feel a triffle nervous,
For I fear I'll not be found.

I am not the least bit happy,
And in fact I'm filled with woe.
Won't you point me to the exit?
I have nowhere left to go....

-- Jack Prelutsky --

From It's Raining Pigs and Noodles by Jack Prelutsky, published by Greenwillow Books, 1993.

Once they have found their poems, they can be compiled into a class anthology. Or encourage the students to find a poem that could be written as a shape poem. Or challenge them to write their own.