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I and Me


Use this poem and other poems in Georgia Heard's book as examples of poems that have been written by kids and published. Read through a few of them and talk about how poetry can be written at any age.

I is a part of me
Likewise me is a part of I.
I love me very much
Likewise me love I very much.
But sometimes I hate me
Because me fail to see
That I is a part of me.
Likewise me hate I
Because me can't tell why
When me is me and I is I.
And sometimes I is jealous of me
Likewise me is jealous of I.
Because I can't be me and me can't be I.

--Carlo Williams, Grade 9 --

From For the Good of the Earth and Sun by Georgia Heard, published by Heinemann Educational Books, 1989.

Using the examples that have been read. Have the students write a poem about a subject that means a lot to them. Something that affects them every day.