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Mrs. McKeown's Poetry
30 Days of Poetry - Day 3


Why Bother With Poetry
A Concrete or Shape poem
Free Verse or Unrhymed Poem
A Student's Poem
Stump the Teacher
My Poem
Poetry References
Poet Study - Poems
Poet Study - Biography
Poet Study-Jack Prelutsky
International Poet
Native American Poet
Naoshi Koriyama (extra)
Asian American Poet
Hispanic/Latino Poet
Gary Soto extra
African American Poet
Picture Book
Social Studies
Poem /Sung
Two Groups
Lee Bennett Hopkins
Douglas Florian
Judith Viorst
Jack Prelutsky 2
Jack Prelutsky
Shel Silverstein
Folk Poem
Song Lyrics
Classic Poetry
Mother Goose
Picture Book Poem
Arthur Guiterman

Choose two things that are opposites.  It could be the  opposite sides of a question.  Humor is good. The poem should be two or four lines long.  The first two and the last two lines should rhyme. Sight rhymes are acceptable.
The opposite of honest
What a lot of people do on a hard test.
--Benjamin Swanson (Grade )
What is the opposite of love?
Maybe it is as beautiful as a white dove.
Because love is so fine,
This is something I know is mine.
What is the opposite of a smile?
Maybe it is a frown that hasn't been seen in awhile.
Because a great smile brightens up the day,
This has made my better in every way.
What is the opposite of true?
It could be purple, or even blue.
Because the truth is better than a lie,
I want the truth even from my special guy.
---Kimiko Brantley (Grade 10)