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Mrs. McKeown's Poetry
30 Days of Poetry - Day 7


Why Bother With Poetry
A Concrete or Shape poem
Free Verse or Unrhymed Poem
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Jack Prelutsky
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Mother Goose
Picture Book Poem
Arthur Guiterman

Just Because...:
Just Because... poems ask you to describe yourself in the first line of the poem.  The next three lines in each stanza tell what you are NOT.  The final line restates the first line and adds a tag directing the read to do something.
Student example:
Just because I am scared
   Don't laugh and giggle behind my head
   Don't kid and play when I'm not there
   Still ask me because I might want to play
Just because I'm scared
   It doesn't mean I can't do it
   It doesn't give you the right to talk about me
   It doesn't stop me from having fun
Just because I'm scared
   Still tell me everything you did
   Can't wait until I get big
Just because I'm scared -- please try and be my friend.
---Brandon Womack (Grade 10)
Just because I'm an only child
   I'm not a freak
   I'm not shy
Just because I'm an only child
   I'm not lonely
   I'm not selfish
   I'm not spoiled
Just because I'm an only child
   I know I'm not perfect
   I can't always be the best friend
   I'm not a nerd
Just because I'm an only child -- let me be me.
--- Liz Webster (Grade 9)